FBI Evidence: List of US fraud charges Hushpuppi is going down for, and the money involved here is not child’s play

Following his arrest under Operation Fox Hunt 2 in Dubai, Hushpuppi was officially expelled from the United Arab Emirates and handed to USA, where its believed he was one of the masterminds behind $435 million worth of fraud crimes.

Source: Dubai Police HQ

The FBI on behalf of the United States officially lodged a case against Hushpuppi on 25th July 2020, with an affidavit to back-up claims of fraudulent activities Hushpuppi & co, conducted in the USA between January 2019 and October 2019.

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Watch VIDEO: How Hushpuppi met his 419 day of reckoning with Dubai Authorities

Hushpuppi was said to be asleep at his Palazzo Versace Dubai hotel apartment on June 10th 2020 when he was nabbed by Dubai Police in an operation dubbed Fox Hunt 2.

In a video released by the Dubai Police HQ, Hush was arrested alongside Woodberry and 10 others for multiple fraud charges of crimes committed in different parts of the world.

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