Baby A Mazelee finally gets a name…on her third birthday

Three months before their 8th baby came into earth, Alena and Joe finally decided to quickly announce Baby A’s name to the world.

Baby A Mazelee finally gets a name three years later. Source: YouTubee/Mazelee

Baby A who is three years old had been known by many as Baby A or simply baby.

Since a new baby was coming shortly into the world, the Mazelees shared Baby A’s name in a YouTube video. Continue reading

“I’m pregnant”: The Mazelees are having ANOTHER baby (Video)

The Mazelees are expecting baby number eight!

Mama Alana and papa Joe dropped the announcement on their YouTube channel in the early hours of this morning.

Alana took a pregnancy test while Joe went out for his morning bike ride, and surprised him with the news on his return.

When Joe sees the tests, Alana asks “are you happy?” to which he replies calmly; Continue reading

The beautiful YouTube’s Mazelee kids: Can you guess who is who?

Their names all begin with A and were made up by their mother, Alena Maze-Lee, to suit the family’s uniqueness.

From Amyah to baby A, each time one of these childrens names are called in their YouTube videos, it is sometimes hard to keep up with who is who.

Meet Alena Maze and Joe Lees beautiful children. Source: As.maze/Instagram

Can you guess who Amyah, Arazo or the others are? See the faces that match the names. Continue reading

What filming equipment do the Mazelee family use?

The Mazelee family have gained more than 2 million YouTube followers over a period of 12 years.

Through those years, parents, Alena and Joe used different filming equipment to capture the viewer’s imagination, resulting in them being able to make money in their sleep.

Alena and Joe Mazelee have captured viewers’ imagination with their carefully created videos using different types of cameras, lens and microphones. Source: Mazelee/YouTube

As of June 2021, despite the family rarely posting videos at regular intervals, they made at least Continue reading

Meet the Mazelees: 5 intriguing things about YouTube’s most multicultural family

YouTube’s most multiracial family, the Mazelees, often grip fans with fascination each time they drop videos on the platform, detailing their lives.

The Mazelee, Youtube’s most culturally diversed family. Source: As.Maze

Ma Alena is Black, Daddy Joe is White, their seven children range between Black, White and Asian, how this intriguingly beautiful family evolved to be so ethnically diverse is revealed in five facts. Continue reading