‘She is relentless, she doesn’t stop’: The conclusion of Angel Duffy from Britain on the Fiddle

Britain on the Fiddle series 2, episode 1 introduced us to three people who had scammed the British benefits system and were being brought to account for their acts.

The episode ended with a cliff-hanger on the most interesting and popular character – Angel Duffy – who made up different stories to get away with her fraud. The suspense was finally concluded in series 2, episode 2.

Recalling at the end of episode 1 (read here), Angel Duffy (aka Angel Jackson aka Paris Anderson) was remanded in custody until her trial with presenter, Richard Bilton, saying at the very end: “…in the coming months, event will take place that will turn this case on it head”.

Episode 2 portrays just that, at least at the beginning, and it becomes Continue reading