The effects of long distance marriage? Olinda Chapel breaks down over cheating husband

She is based in the UK working as a health care professional and her husband is a popular rapper living in their hometown of Zimbabwe.

Such potential hotcake was likely to have someone keeping him warm whilst she was away or was it imagined that he crossed legs and held onto a pillow at night?

Meet the couple battling their marital and cheating affairs on social media:

Olinda Chapel Chideme and her husband, Desmond Chideme also known as Stunner the rapper

Her husband cheated with an 18 year old and when Olinda Chapel flies back home to Zimbabwe, she is clearly heartbroken as she claims she spent all her money caring and bringing up her husband to the standard he is.

Her husband, Stunner, claims his wife is just a suicidal mess. She dumps him –> takes him back –> then he dumps her. It all gets emotional and messy from there. Watch their video below: Continue reading