Man narrates how he allowed friend to sleep with wife because of impotency…it did not end well

As seen on Wives Connection, a Northern Nigerian man named Barrister Aliyu Ahmed shared his story from how he met his wife, married and divorced.

A must read:

1. I’m a lawyer from Jigawa State. I am the chief Legal Officer of a new generation bank. I am 44 years old #DivorceDiaries

2. I met my wife at law school. Her name is Barrister Aisha Malumfashi and she was my wife for 10 years

3. Aisha was a powerhouse of intellect. What attracted me to her was her brilliance in class. Always answering questions

4. Even during group discussions her contributions were always brilliant and thought provoking. I was floored.

5. I also considered myself quite the guru, having Continue reading