SEE: Jane Roe’s nearly aborted daughter

Back in 1970, Jane Roe, aged 21, was pregnant with a child and wanted to abort it.

Jane Roe’s nearly aborted daughter. Source: ABC/YouTube

Abortion in her state, Texas, was illegal, so she took the state to court in a class action.

Roe, who was just a pseudynm for Norma McCorvey, hoped her case would be judged quickly enough for her to have an abortion, she ended up Continue reading

The effects if Roe v Wade is overturned?

The Roe v Wade ruling allows American women, irrespective of their state, to terminate an unwanted pregnancy if they so wish as their constituional right, without any government interference.

Norma McCorvey as Jane Roe who took state of Texas to court for her right to have an abortion, she won her case in 1973

If Roe v Wade is overturned, as in the leaked document published by US Politico article, there are many effects that it could have on American citizens. Continue reading