Angel Duffy! The Ghanaian benefit cheat with three different names and a compulsive disorder – LYING

Last night’s episode of Britain on the Fiddle was a captivating one.

We had Micky Pitt, who smuggled duty-free cigarettes into the UK with his home-made boarding pass.

We also had the Belgium-based-claiming-living-in-the-UK benefit cheat, but nothing beats Angel Duffy, sorry Angel Jackson, oh no Paris Anderson.


52 year old sophisticated fraudster, Angel Duffy, caught unaware then claims she is Paris Anderson

Ghanian born Angel Duffy, 52, was suspected of identity fraud. As Angel Jackson, she is a disabled mum of two on housing benefits but as Angel Duffy she is fit and well with two properties.

From start to finish, Angel lies her way through starting with a claim of being Angel’s Continue reading