Adeola Patronne: 5 pretty little things about Nella Rose’s bestie

She used to be best known as one third of the Patronnes, but that is long history as she has now formed new friendship with much loved Nella Rose and Mariam Musa.

With the new friendship comes new found fame, fan followings and everything else in between. Who is she? Let’s find out.

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African aunties get in here! YouTubers Nella Rose, Adeola Patronne and Annie Drea dish the last blows

Having felt traumatised by their African aunties over their life’ existence, YouTubers, Nella Rose, Annie Drea and Adeola Patronne took to YouTube to have the last laugh on those aunties.

Nella Rose, Annie Drea and Adeola Patronne dish aunties who have traumatised them their own medicines. Source: Youtube/AnnieDrea

“I don’t like it when they feel like they can critique your life when their son is in jail”.

And “I am not a big fan of pushing marriage on me when yours did not work out” were one of the words spoken by the social media influencers.

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