How Korra Obidi and Justin Dean’s marital woes proves all that glitters on social media, is not gold

Dr Justin Dean’s public accusations at his wife this week shocked many fans who had never thought that such an event will transpire between the perfect looking, interracial couple.

Justin, in a series of Instagram outbursts , accused his wife of “narcissism, cheating, and lack of accountability”.

He started off in March 9th, saying: Continue reading

Dr Justin Dean announces divorce from Korra Obidi, but fans are not buying the “prank”

Dr Justin Dean, the husband of popular dancer, Korra Obidi announced he was divorcing his wife as he “won’t be treated this way longer”.

Dr Justin Dean, the husband of popular dancer, Korra Obidi announced he was divorcing Korra Obidi. Source: DrJustinDean/Instagram

The chiropractor made the announcement just days after the family welcomed baby Athena in a water birth. He wrote on Instagram: “@korraobidi and I are getting a Continue reading

1NBBabyJoy: Korra Obidi welcomes second baby through waterbirth. Watch the astonishing video of baby delivery.

Dancer and singer, Korra Obidi welcomed her second baby girl on 2nd March 2022, following hours of labour.

Korra Obidi welcomes second baby through waterbirth

The enthusiastic beauty, who danced her way through pregnancy, filmed the labour and birth of her baby’s dellivery through facebook live.

Korra and her husband, Justin Dean named their new born baby, Continue reading

Did you know these 5 nose-ringing facts about Korra Obidi?

She recently announced she is expecting baby no.2 with hubby, Justin Dean to a widespread congratulations from fans.

Korra Obidi shows off her first pregnancy with husband, Justin Dean draped in an American Flag for 2019 USA Independence Day. Source: KorraObidi/loridormanphotography/Instagram

Probably best known for her eye catching nose ring and belly dancing, particularly when heavily pregnant, these 5 facts about Korra reveal how she has made her way into many hearts and households. Continue reading

The comments Dababy made that has landed him in trouble

Fury has erupted over comments DaBaby made at the Rolling Loud Hip-Hop Festival on Sunday July 25th.

Dababy made some comments at Rolling Loud Festival said to be aimed at the LGTBQ community. Source: Dababy/Instagram

During his performance at the event, Dababy – real name, Jonathan Lyndale Kirk – says to the large crowd; Continue reading

Is Queen Naija a Nigerian?

Queen Naija is a 25 year old America R’n’B singer and a YouTube star with over 4.7 million subscribers on her channel.

She is half Arab as a her father whom she does not know is a Yemeni, while remainder background is of Black and Italian mix.

She likes to go by the stage name Queen Naija, and coincidentally Nigeria, the West African country is often called Naija as a shortcut version of its full name.

Given the 25 year old is much younger than the country, Naija, was she inspired to give herself that stage name? Continue reading

VIDEO: “Its great but, I am dead”: Did Chadwick Boseman hint he will already be dead before Black Panther 2?

Could Chadwick have been hinting he will no longer be alive to know what would be happening with his yet to be released movies?

Black hero, legendary Chadwick Boseman dies aged 43 from colon cancer. Source: Instagram

A 2019 video of Boseman has resurfaced following his death. It shows how he repeatedly said “I’m dead” when replying to an interviewer’s questions.

Watch video below. Continue reading

The 10 movies Chadwick Boseman starred in while battling colon cancer

Wakanda’s King in Black Panther, the great actor, Chadwick Boseman passed away on 28 August from colon cancer.

Following his death, Boseman’s family revealed his bravery as he filmed multiple movies while battling through chemotherapy and countless surgeries.

He had starred in 10 different movies Continue reading

Before they were famous: DaBaby and the Awutes mugshot

DaBaby and his Nigerian American homeboys put Nigeria on the map with their suave style at Qualityentllc’s wedding at the weekend.

Dababy and his American Nigerian homeboy, TG aka Qualityentllc

Also put on that map was Qualityentllc and his family’s unsettling criminal past – a good thing that music is finally paving the way for them.

Before fame, y’all know DaBaby got into all kinds of run-ins with Continue reading

The full 25 days of Kim Kardashian family Kristmas

Previously, the Kardashians served fans with a single Christmas family photo card.

This year, they decided to go different and gift fans with fun holiday photocard for each day of December up to Christmas day – 25th of December 2017.

For years the Kardashians dbut one Christmas photo-card for fans, this year they decided to go the whole 25 days

Led by Mrs Kim K West, each photo was taken in a clear white backdrop sometimes featuring a Christmas tree with family members including Kim, North and Continue reading

How Mr. White in Joyner Lucas’ ‘I’m not racist’ won THAT debate

If he was unheard of before, Joyner Lucas has certainly made his mark globally with his viral video: I’m Not Racist.

The provocative video revolves around racial grievances between blacks and whites in America, and it’s portrayed heavily with stereotypes – the white supremacist vs the lazy black man.

While Joyner’s aims were to reflect current situations in America, some of the track’s content is pretty relevant to other ‘white dominated’ countries like the United Kingdom.

Watching both sides of the argument, Mr Black did not look goo, making it easy for Mr White to easily win the argument. Here is why… Continue reading

Francis divorces popular FB marriage counsellor Amara Van Lare

She is considered (among Nigerians) as one of the pioneers in bringing about an open discussion of personal relationships on social media, and dishing out advice.

Now, her husband of 3 years has requested for divorce after pointing out via a facebok message that maltreatment by Amara and her children was the reason for divorce.

It will be the second divorce for Amara who was first given out into Continue reading

Herpes-gate! Usher gets twerked by a BIG chick

Usher has supposedly denied sleeping with Quantasia Sharpton to friends – the lady suing him for not informing her of his herpes. In case the ladies weight springs to mind as to Quantasia not being his type, here is the R’N’B singer enjoying the perks of being a star:

A fan of Usher’s music, Quantasia came out to publicly declare she is suing Usher after she met the star at his concert some years back and they hooked up later. She provides the backstory in a video by TMZ below. Continue reading

Diasporan turned Edo Governor aspiriant, Dion Osagie arrives in UK for upcoming tour

Popularly known for exposing the real state of poor people in Benin City, Edo State and helping them, Dion Osagie has landed in London to promote his work.

Dion, a 2019 Governor aspirant has gained thousands of adoring fans worldwide captivated by his work often shown on Continue reading

Of all Jay-Z’s 10 tracks in 4:44 new album, only one got people hooked

Jay Z dropped his 13th album titled 4:44 on Tidal yesterday 30th June, and guess which track has been off the hook?

Queen Bey features on the track ‘Family Feud’, the infamous elevator fight with Bey’s sister, Solange is briefly referenced in ‘Kill Jay Z’ and an ‘unofficial will’ was declared in ‘Legacy’, but the crucifix, the oga which also happens Continue reading

BaeWatch: Khloe X Tristan holiday in Jamaica

Khloe and Tristan all loved up in a Beach, Jamaica

Khloe shows off her banging body in a one piece swimsuit standing next to the basketballer she calls ‘The One’ – 6’9″ Tristan.

The 32 year old posted this snap on Instagram along with another which shows her catching fun with her crew. Tristan, 25, who just welcomed a baby boy in December have been (publicly) dating Khloe since October 2016.

More pictures below. Continue reading

Trump-ing on hate! Popular Nigerian Yankee blogger burns her Ivanka Trump shoes in protest

Luvvie Ajayi who goes by the name Awesomely Luvvie went on facebook live to burn her Ivanka Trump shoes she found during her closet clear out.

She has never worn these shoes since she got them, but the fact that Trump was sworn into presidency whom she was clearly against infiltrated her. Continue reading

Terry is definitely guilty of Cora’s death, how about Temitope? Is she guilty? See an interesting letter

Following Cora’s killing by the evil Terry , it was easy to conclude he is a murderer who was very guilty of the horrible injustice to Cora and her children .

Domestic violence dispute: Terry killed Cora

Read: The horror story of domestic violence: R.I.P Cora Campbell

How about Adeyinka, murdered by his wife Temitope? Ahn ahn now, she killed her husband with juju in her eyes after years of suffering. Or didn’t she?

Another domestic dispute: Temitope murdered her husband, Adeyinka

Read: US-based Temitope gets ONLY 4 years in jail for killing her husband

See a post written by Olanike alexia. Worth reading! Continue reading

US-based Temitope gets ONLY 4 years in jail for killing her husband

36 year old Temitope Adebamiro slashed her husband’s throat during a ‘possessed session’. She could have gotten up to 50 years in jail but only received 4.

Temitope – who lived in Delaware with her 37 year old husband, Adeyinka – had initially lied to the police that she discovered her husband’s body after a power cut, but the power company denied any cuts.

It later unfolded, Continue reading

I want the McClure twins…they are half Nigerians you know!

How can I get my hands on these cuties…

Its official, fasting and prayer it is, for God to give me my own oooo…Amen ooo.

Click on their names (on the image above) to access their Instagram page

You might have een them come up on your Instagram feed, maybe the video where the twins were discovering who is older.

These two are characters, but when I saw “People say our family is interracial – we say we’re happy” on another Instagram feed, my eyes were more curious to know who these parents are. Continue reading

What’s up with the Hillarians harrassing Trump supporters?


I see pro-Hillary supporters are angry, but why it turns to personal insults as posted by a Nigerian person on facebook baffles me.

This same person posted insults she has since removed, at Nigerians for not having real knowledge or going out to vote and even at Mr President for simply congratulating the new president elect.

One of the insult filled post on FB over Trump win

Surely we should be allowed to express ourselves without fear, insults or oppression from our own people?

As  a UK resident who witnessed the unpredictable result of Brexit in June, it is clear that there is a revolution.

Was Hillary a worthy candidate? Over-qualified. Does she have the capabilities? Overly-qualified, she spent her whole life in politics.

But there lies the problem. Continue reading

The Real Naija Ladies of Dallas. Are you as excited as me about this show? Watch their trailer

The cast of Real Naija Ladies of Dallas – (L-R): Jeni Coco, Nonye, Jennifer, Latoya and Jeri

As a reality and TV series junkie, I am so excited and cannot wait to see what the Real Naija Ladies of Dallas will bring.

Interestingly, before these ladies debuted their show, my sisters and I have been doing some recording of our own, watch this space… Continue reading