Ayra Starr’s Rush lyrics, English translation and meaning

Arya Starr has dropped another popular hit just under two years since entering main stream music.

The 20 year old Nigerian first caught the attention of fans with Away in January 2021, by July of same year, she had dropped another banger – Bloody Samaritan.

A little over a year later, Rush is swinging the souls of fans worldwide. Sing along with the lyrics and find out its meaning. Continue reading

Spot all the stars: Stormzy drops new music video with a bang

Three years after his last single, Stormzy has return to the music scene with a brand new track, and video featuring many famous faces.

The 29 year old rapper released an 11-minute video for Mel Made Me Do It that began with a rap intro by himself before Jamaican Olympic legend, Usain Bolt made his cameo.

Stormzy drops new music video with a bang. Source: Stormzy/YouTube

As the athlete is shown using the remote to switch channels, streams of other celebrities were displayed playing their part. Continue reading

Oxlade’s Ku lo sa lyrics translation and meaning

The latest trending song on the block, ku lo sa, is taking the world by storm.

Sang by the vocally gifted Lagos Surulere boy, Oxlade, the music became an anthem on TikTok.

Like sugarcane and other trending music, social media users uploaded their own videos mimicking the 25 year old’s captivating moves in a minimalistic official video.

The video showed Oxlade, a hanging down Continue reading