The bailiff almost got my car…

I put up a YouTube video about my run in with the Bailiff and the council sometime ago, but I have just been a little shy/nervous 😑 to put it on here.

But here it goes….

The purpose of it is that, I hear and see clamps on people’s cars, some maybe deserve it and others don’t (as in my case).

I was taking my children to school when we saw a clamp on my car. Continue reading

Is it possible to have a good romance without finance? The ladies of MOMENT gives us something to think about, WATCH their video

“Couples who disagree about finances once a week are more than 30% more likely to divorce than couples who disagree about money few times a month”

“The way you and your spouse save, spend, earn and invest can actually be points of bonding and affection if approached in the right way”

Facts from

Given the facts above and maybe your experiences, do you think a good romance should not involve money?

Hosts of Ebonylifetv’s Moments Michelle Dede, Bolanle Olukanni and Toke Makinwa sat down with guests – Ex BBA housemate turned actress, Lilian Afegbai and comedienne Lolo1 to discuss in Aug 2016.

moments1Moment’s Girls talk l-r: Bolanle, Lilian, Michelle, Lolo1 and Toke

In my opinion, a good romance must involve money whether directly or indirectly, but not necessarily all the time.

As Lolo1 funnily puts it, Continue reading

0800226655 “devil worshippers” number may be fake

I received a text message about this number – 0800 22 66 55. The text went like this:

Normally I see this kind of email and ignore because they are usually junk nonsense. But since I was not willing to die just yet nor did I want my beloved friends or family to face the same fate, I forwarded it on.

Through joke a friend of mine said someone should try to call it now and I suggested she should since she was on contract.

Anyhow, I decided to try it and if it rang I would quickly hang up the phone without saying anything. Continue reading

Let me tell you about my trip to the MBTN event in London

I am always looking for places to meet like-minded Nigerians in jand.

I searched online, came across and attended the MBTN event – Move Back to Nigeria – at London Blackfriars and glad was I that I did.

It was kind of surreal because I met lots of young bankers Continue reading