Nigerian head of banking operations, Adeyemi Opebiyi, sues U.K following visa refusal and deportation

A Nigerian man is suing the UK for revoking the visa he had being granted when he flew into Manchester airport from Nigeria.

Adeyemi Opebiyi, a Head of Operations at Sabi Micro Finance Bank Ltd is denied entry to UK despite visa issuance

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How to get a Nigerian Emergency Travel Certificate in the UK

Emergency travel certificates (ETC) are one of the easiest services available at the Nigerian High Commission in London, UK.

It can be applied for if a Nigeria citizen is in need to travel in the nearest future, but passport is lost, stolen, or possibly waiting for a passport application to be processed.

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Tips on applying for a Nigerian passport online in the UK

Applying for a Nigerian passport in the UK was once a traumatic experience. Times are changing though.

Applications and payments are now made online – making the process more bearable and straight-forward than ever before.

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Keeping up with the young’uns: Popular ‘Black’ British (London) slangs making waves

Just when you thought you got wagwan and bomboclat in the bag, you start to hear uckers and dun know.

Although Black British slangs –  from a mix London’s grime music and Jamaican Language, patois – has been around a long time, but the likes of Dapaah, Stormzy and JHus are hyping it more than ever before.

Starting with the bufftings, then the generals and the peaks, here are some eye opening worldwide trending slangs  to keep you in the game – bearing in mind most of these depend in the context.

The Bufftings

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Wow! Is this the best CV advice ever? Twitter user dishes out for FREE

An Haitian based legal professional shares CV advice that many queue up to pay for. Teresi has been praised for her useful and applicable advice with over 56k retweets and 150k likes.

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Basic pidgin English words to get you started

Pidgin is at the height of its game right now. A language considered as low class is making waves mehn.

Words like mehn and mbok – technically of Ibibio language that has transitioned – are trending on social media.

Commenters are now expressing themselves on Nigerian news platforms online with pidgin like never before, because e dey sweet for body. Even the BBC launched their own pidgin corner on the web.

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How people are making money on Instagram for free

Instagram is helping ordinary citizens make cool money online.

Be it as a side show with other jobs or solely full time, you only need as little as 1,000 followers to start earning some cash.

Instagram has 700+ million users, many of whom check out various profiles and posts, potentially like them, comment or even follow, which is increasing following potentially worth the ker-ching.

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What camera equipment and set-up does Patricia Bright use?

Patricia is popular Nigerian British Youtubber known for her great avices, tip sharing on fashion, lifestyle and all else.

Starting YouTube officially in 2010, Patricia did not make any money for 4 years but stayed focus on her passion and interest to get to where and who she is today.

Patricia is a canon lover who started off using shoe boxes or books to support her video recording. Nowadays she rolls with bad boy camera and equipment setups

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Here are the best D-I-Y tips to prevent-catch-kill rats and mice

They are irritating, unwanted house guests that can take over your property as long as there is food and a comfortable place to hide. They can spread and pass diseases around with their urine which is normally used as a trail around a property to get back to hiding place.

Mice are better killed than let go when spotted because they could find a way back to their nest in your home. But there are possible ways to prevent them from returning, if you choose the path of a good samaritan.

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Useful visa tips for self employed

Finding helpful tips on how best to apply for a visa if self employed can be hard, not to talk of if you are a novice to it all, and that’s exactly what @Nigerianabroad aka Glory experienced.

Glory who is currently touring Riga having already visited Budapest, Paris, London and Vietnam, initially struggled to find information to apply for a Dubai visa – where she has since relocated to from Nigeria.

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How celebs are making money from subtle Instagram ads

Tonto recently came under fire from fans following a paid for advert of Flat Tummy Tea. Many who believe that the tea helps you loose weight felt Tonto was fooling them with the advert given some of her recent pictures show her the heavy side.

Regardless, some fans bought the idea and Tonto is laughing last as she runs all the way to the bank to cash that cheque.

But Tonto, is not the only one promoting the brand.

Tonto, Rita Dominic and Laura Ikeji with 500,000+ followers have all promoted Flat Tummy Tea

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Can you really make money off Instagram using the Takumi App?

While most people are taking beautiful photos and posting them freely online, some ordinary UK citizens are making money using the Takumi app or at least that is what the 3 people found by the daily mail said.

24 year old Christopher Rusev of @ralics only just graduated from university but has made this lifestyle a full time job having only just discovered the UK based app 4 months ago.

He opened his Instagram 3 years ago, saved up to buy a proper camera and started taking beautiful pictures. In turn his followers blew up to a now staggering 56k+.
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Food for thought! Applying for ILR via DLR

You are about to put in an application for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), you see the eye-watering fees – worse if you are applying with a plus 1 (or 2 or 3) – this excludes lawyer’s fees, NHS surcharge, postage, passport photographs, all else expense…..Lord have mercy!

Well it has been said that heaven help those who help themselves and so, you have researched to a right place to read, digest, and discuss (perhaps with a lawyer) if you are body-proof ready for the ridiculously expensive ILR route.

Before we go on, please read below – it is essential you do!!

[PLEASE NOTE: The story here is based on personal experience aimed at signposting and suggesting helpful tips which should not be considered or substituted for legal opinion. No two cases are the same, a route works for one does not mean the exact same will work for you and as am NOT a lawyer, any suggestions seen here should be explored by seeking advice from a lawyer, the home office or a certified Legal expert for further assistance.]

Now you have read, lets go…

Prior to applying for ILR, finance was a huge obstacle, then in the process of applying, working twice as hard to increase the chance of a positive response with no lawyer was another obstacle. In-fact, having no lawyer was a huge risk considering there was a potential minor hiccup with my case.

But since I had been granted Discretionary Leave to Remain (DLR) twice (2X3 years following the old rules), and was becoming an oldie at this whole application thing plus no spare money to apply through a lawyer, I had no choice.

So getting an ‘approval’ letter with the biometric card at the end of it all was beautiful, flipping expensive (also had to pay the courier company to collect package) but an accomplished moment. So what did I learn? What did I realise in my application?

Thinking about finance

At the very basic, it is wise to be aware of ILR and associated fees well before time to start the savings pot – we are not talking 3-4 months before. There is also the likelihood of price changes – for instance as at point of application in August 2016, it was a whooping £1,875, and now, June 2017, it stands at an even more ridiculous amount – £2,297.

The savings pot was a perfect plan until losing 500 quid to an unplanned circumstance two months before application which made me realise anything can happen.

ILR passport

Stuck at this dangerous point, Citizen’s Advice Bureau was a starting point to getting some kind of help. I learnt I was not eligible for a fee waiver – not destitute or among certain other groups. I did get the option to apply for an extension giving me extra time to gather ILR fees.

I was well over the £1,000 extension fees, so turning to family and friends plus some more wages helped, and off I went into dilemma number 2 – the application.

The 100 page application form

To start with, choosing the right form is essential and as in my case coming from DLR – but not an asylum seeker – set form (O) was applicable, a 100 page application form!

The form was daunting, let’s not talk about printing costs or going through each page individually, but it was straight forward-ish for a DLR applicant: ticked ‘Other’ in the ‘Which category?’ box, explaining further in the space provided that I was eligible for ILR under 6-year DLR route also stating dates with evidence. Section 9 was not relevant – but who knows if that has changed?

ILR passport
Reason for of ticking ‘Other’ was because I had completed 2×3-year DLR and was eligible under the 6-year rule

ILR passport
DLR applicants were exempt from Life in the UK test

Another plus for DLR applicants is the Life in the UK test.  As at time of application, we were exempt which had to be noted in the space provided. This may still be free – worth checking, but likely to change – worth double checking.

Life in the UK test eligibility

Almost finished – at least I thought – gathered all original copies of evidence; old passports, expiring biometric card, passport photographs, payslips, previous Home Office letters, bank statements, police certificate, children’s birth certificate and more ensuring I had all the ‘Photographs and Documents’ as in the checklist provided with the forms.

But I added 2 more documents to put my mind to rest given the minor hiccup I mentioned earlier: cover letter and photos.

ILR passport

My original ILR application after 10 years in the country was refused. A visit to the MP and letter and photos sent to the Home Office put an end to two years of frustration in the country. Not as easy as it looks, things did not change overnight, my then lawyer asked why take such risk on my own – I had to do something otherwise my file was probably in pile 8 of forms to get through. Made that number up!

Since then, a letter and photos have been part and parcel of my applications and this case was no different. The letter was like a job application covering letter except thinking why I should be allowed to stay in the country? What ties did I have here? What is special about me? Am I a good citizen of the country (volunteering letters)?

Cover Letter

The photos was for someone to put a face to the name. After-all we including Home Office workers are humans with embedded lives and (in my case) got the accent, got the kids and all.

Look, cover letters and photos are not essential. You do not send these if you are not comfortable, it is only at discretion. They do not guarantee the success of an application, but it can be an added value.

You find yourself thinking how to apply and get a yes, some information here are irrelevant to your case, some useful but ensure you talk to someone – discuss with your lawyer, adviser, or go to CAB to clarify any worries.

Below are some useful references, for example Immigration boards helped a lot in answering some questions. With all that said and done, are you document-proof for ILR? Research, learn more and Goodluck

Sources and References

Sources below are research links that can help in completion of an application form which may be handy. Note these are subject to change and should check you are reading the most up to date version.

Fee Waiver Policy

Citizen’s Advice Bureau

Arshad Marmood