“Who say make you pop the champagne?”

Yeh, yeh, anyhow wey you wan sing am, yeh, yeh.
Out of tune own, in line, which one?
Abeg collect the remaining champagne before them pop am…

Press Play

Class act hilarious! Official Nigeria’s most wanted irritating celebrities

Nigerians may play too much, but Ikwutex get point o. Check out the message to Mr President below.

Take a moment to say a prayer or two for Twitter’s Ikwutex, who dreamt this up

Many have welcomed this list of celebrities ‘disturbing social media peace’, with some suggesting other celebrities that fittingly deserve a place on the list including, Continue reading

The #bowwowchallenge gone viral

Ha, you can pretty much find out anything on the internet these days, something Bow Wow AKA Shad Moss forgot, pulled a fast one and swiftly became the butt of jokes.

Two days ago (9th May), Bow Wow, 30, posted an image of a private jet swamped around cars on his Instagram page and a caption starting with ‘Travel day’.

Unfortunately for him, he was captured on snapchat that same day by a passenger on the same commercial flight as him -and the image (pretty quickly) went viral on twitter.

To make matters worse, Continue reading

Hot tea to end a glorious Saturday: the best of Remy Ma vs Nicki Minaj memes

So, the verdict is out, fans have been taking sides and it looks like Remy Ma is winning with thousands of hilarious memes on social media shaming Nicki.

So far, there are over 2,000 #ShETHER hashtags on twitter and 1,000s more on Instagram – lots more being continously added.

So many good ones, hard to choose but here are some of the best, Enjoy! Continue reading

Ahn Ahn! Wetin Nicki Minaj do Remy Ma to release a diss track?

Jheeez, social media has seen, heard and developed a permanent headache.

Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma is at war, Trey Songz gets dropped in, Meek Mill is there and Azealia Banks tries to get in on too, but most of all the fans are loving it.

Remy Ma, 36, with Fat Joe (left) and Nicki (right) release diss tracks against each other

The drama began as Remy’s track titled ShETHER – dissing Nicki Minaj – made the rounds on social media in the early hours of today (25th Feb), following last week’s drop of the album featuring Fat Joe.

The deadly lyrics confirmed Continue reading