Baby A Mazelee finally gets a name…on her third birthday

Three months before their 8th baby came into earth, Alena and Joe finally decided to quickly announce Baby A’s name to the world.

Baby A Mazelee finally gets a name three years later. Source: YouTubee/Mazelee

Baby A who is three years old had been known by many as Baby A or simply baby.

Since a new baby was coming shortly into the world, the Mazelees shared Baby A’s name in a YouTube video. Continue reading

Laura Ikeji shows off beautiful family on holiday in UK

Social media influencer, Laura Ikeji seem to be having the best time in the UK as she poses with family on trip to Portsmouth, south of England.

Social media influencer, Laura Ikeji shows off beautiful family on UK holiday. Source: LauraIkeji/Instagram

The sister of Linda Ikeji arrived in the UK Early this August to reunite herself and children with Continue reading

The beautiful YouTube’s Mazelee kids: Can you guess who is who?

Their names all begin with A and were made up by their mother, Alena Maze-Lee, to suit the family’s uniqueness.

From Amyah to baby A, each time one of these childrens names are called in their YouTube videos, it is sometimes hard to keep up with who is who.

Meet Alena Maze and Joe Lees beautiful children. Source: As.maze/Instagram

Can you guess who Amyah, Arazo or the others are? See the faces that match the names. Continue reading