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What PhD means – and its not the scientific version

On episode 46 of Love Island 2021, the girls and boys were challenged to get each other heats racing.

Each girl and boy performed a heart provoking raunchy dance that highly entertained themselves and viewers at home.

During Teddy’s raunchy routine, he had tiny blue shorts on and wiggled his lower body in the girls’ faces, prompting Millie in a diary session, to say; “I had a lot of Teddy’s phd in my face, and if you know what phd means then its not got anything to do with science.”

The scientific version of PhD is Doctor of Philosophy which the Island’s newcomer, Brett is studying for. The one Millie meant is the urban slang version which translates to Pretty Huge D**k.

After everyone had finished their routine, it was revealed whose pulse raced the most for the opposite sex.

Millie who is coupled up with Liam had her pulse racing the highest for Teddy – so did Mary. Liam’s heart raced the most for Millie.

Millie was also the cup of tea for Jake who is coupled up with Liberty, and for Toby who is coupled with Chloe. Toby’s heart raced jointly for Chloe, however hers beat the highest exclusively for him.

Elsewhere, Kaz’s dance hit the high notes for Tyler, whom she is coupled up with, and for Aaron who is coupled up with Mary, however Kaz’s pulse hit the highest for newcomer Brett whose heart beat went for Liberty.

Teddy returned the favour for Millie, with his pulse hitting the highest jointly for her and his coupled up partner Faye. Faye’s heart raced the highest for Teddy.

Another newcomer, Priya loved Brett’s dance the most, and the same for Liberty’s pulse when partner, Jake, danced.

The girls won the challenge overall as they had the boys’ heart rate racing the most.

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