Video: Heart-breaking moment a school girl was rescued from child predator, Kadian Nelson

An 11 year old vulnerable school girl was saved from a pedophile in Mitcham, South London, England.

In a video trending on social media, a young man now known to be 26 year old Kadian Nelson is seen holding the young girl firmly and hurryingly ushering her away.

The video was filmed by a young lady who with her mum began following Kadian after her own 11 year old sister raised suspicion of the old man with a small girl.

The lady can be heard in the video asking if Kadian knows the girl he was leading away, and as he covered the little girls mouth and replied to leave his family alone suspicion grew.

The ladies pursued until Kadian let the girl go, and seemed to escape. The traumatised girl in tears and shaking, then reveals she was only trying to go to school and had no idea he was.

According to reports, “when they caught up with him, he had already had the girl perform sexual acts on him and was attempting to remove her clothes”.

Kadian has since been arrested.

The young lady known as @Shan22 on twitter says her little sister who noticed something was not right was the hero of the night.

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