“You are just an alien in another man’s land, talking trash” Igbo man retaliate at London based Yoruba Adeyinka Grandson

Adeyinka Grandson, a London based Yoruba man posted videos and statements on social media threatening Igbos to leave his Yorubaland by 26th October, otherwise they face consequences.

An Igbo man has replied to his threats.

The Igbo man says: “I hope you know that you are not in Nigeria, you are in a foreign land.”

“Before I start addressing you, I will advice you that before you order people out of your land, your self-acclaimed land, you really should be coming back home, not living in another man’s land, where they have not ordered you home, to start ordering people away from your land, your self-acclaimed land”.

The man went on further to call him “trash and a mumu man”.

“You are there in the UK, where I am not even sure you have your documents and you are talking nonsense, you just want to cite two tribes Igbo and Yoruba to start fighting.”

Watch the video below

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