For Laughs: See hilarious relatable responses from twitter users when asked to complete the line “A Nigerian parent once said…”

A twitter user with the handle @yesitshilary posted a one liner of “A Nigerian parent once said…” prompting followers to complete the sentence.

Some of these users response will make you smile, laugh, think or reflect.

The most popular lines were “am I your mate”, “you think you’re doing me, its yourself you are doing” and “put it on my head”.

Other response include, “come and see your age mate”, “it’s not me who killed my parents, you can’t kill me”.

One user recounted how she informed her mother that she was getting her belly button pierced and the response was “what kind of rubbish is this?”.

These are classic responses, while they are funny especially in hindsight they may not be if you are at the receiving end of it.

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