Nigerians petition to block issuance of visas for its government and police officials

In light of the #EndSARS protest where little has so far been done by the government to quench the anger of protesters, Nigerians are powering the petition to ban Nigerian government and police official until the matter in Nigeria is resolved.

Created and led by popular UK based social media doctor, Dr Olufunmilayo, the petition as far supersede three quarters of the number of signatures required, and continues to draw traction.

In the petition, Dr Olufunmilayo said, “SARS stands for Special Anti Robbery Squad. But they never attend to robbery or violent crimes. Instead they attack innocent young people especially young men- they harass, torture, detain and kill, even burying them in shallow graves.”

“Politicians, government leaders and the police heads in Nigeria keep quiet because they use this rogue unit to intimidate and harass young people. Some police leaders even use them to extort money.”

“As a nigerian citizen, all I’m asking is for the UK and USA to ban all our government leaders and Nigerian police hierarchy UNTIL and UNLESS they listen to the people and scrap this notorious assassin unit in the nigerian police force.”

See the petition here

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