Trouble in paradise? Ife Dorgu deletes all traces of her husband, Timi, from her social media

Fans of childhood sweethearts, Ife and Timi, have spotted Ife deleted all trace of Timi on her Instagram page and no longer wears her wedding ring.

The gorgeous lovebirds are known to express their love for one another on their separate Instagram pages at given opportunities, and take fans on their numerous yearly travel journeys around the world.

Ife, known to show her love for her man, Timi and their travelling antiques has removed all traces of him

She is seen on social media to have been strategically placing her hand, where her ring finger is, out of camera view since July, before debuting the ring-less finger in August 2020.

Timi Dorgu, 32, the son of Church of England Bishop Dorgu, became well known after being put in charge of beautifying the engagement ring Davido used to propose to Chioma in 2019.

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