5 things you need to know about the end of SARS: Number two will leave you wondering if its really the end

The Nigerian government finally listened to its citizens cry to #EndSARS., an on 11th Oct, the end of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) was officially announced.

In doing so, the Nigerian Police released its five tasks that will proceed post the dissolution, and number two may leave you unsettled.

1: The Dissolution

The first of the five things to know about the end of SARS is the Inspector General of Police stating that all units across the thirty states of Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory(FCT) have been dissolved with immediate effect.

2: Officers to be redeployed

Following the end of SARS, all officers that were part of the arm will be move into other Police units

3: New replacement for SARS

The government are in talks to replace SARS so that the tackling of offences relating to Armed-Robbery and other violent crime can continue

4: Creation of Citizens and Strategic Stakeholders Forum

A Citizens and Strategic Stakeholders Forum is to be launched as an avenue for Nigerian citizens to advise the police authority on issues touching on the general public.

5: Creation of an Investigative Team

An Investigative team constituting the Civil Society Organisations will be formed to deal with reports and punishment of crimes committed against citizens.

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