The SMASH or PASS video that got people talking about Ms R Fabulous, Nella Rose and Adeola Patronne

Fury has erupted after YouTubers, Ms R Fabulous, Nella Rose and Adeola Patronne were roasted in a SMASH or PASS video by a group boys and girls.

Ms R Fabulous, Adeola Patronne and Nella Rose’s fans furious after a YouTube ‘Smash or pass’ video. Source: YouTube

British Nigerian artist, Ms Banks had a thing to say about it, Ms R Fabulous hit back with a reply while Adeola chose to take the ‘high road’.

The video titled ‘Smash or Pass UK Edition’ was posted on YouTube by another influencer, Lani Good on 3rd September.

It featured a group of young black boys and girls who are in their early twenties partake in the viral YouTube theme ‘SMASH OR PASS’. It is where one person rates another – usually someone famous – on if they are smash-able or move on.

When the group were asked if they would smash or pass Nella Rose, most members of the group agreed to ‘smash’. A male says: “she’s alright, she’s alright” while another male says “she’s not attractive” which causes further discussions.

After that, the group were asked if they would smash or pass Adeola Patronne. There was a chorused “pass” with a female confidently saying “she’s dead”, and another female pipes up that they would smash.

UK artists Ms Banks tweeted her support for her friend, Nella Rose and Adeola, while 25 year old Adeola chose not to acknowledge the video

When Ms R Fabulous’ name came up, majority responded with ‘dead that’, before further disagreements. One member went on to say “she is a influencer, but she is influencing girls to do stupid things”, while another said, “R Fabulous is good-looking, but she is very troublesome”.

Ms R Fabulous responded to the YouTube video creator Lani of BkChat London

The video attracted over 100k views in 2 days with 1.4k likes, 7.9k dislikes and torrent of abusive comments before it was eventually deleted

Bigger names came up in the video including music artists Fredo, Burna Boy and Naira Marley. The group agreed to smash Fredo but pass on Nigeria’s top stars, Burna boy and Naira Marley.

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