African aunties get in here! YouTubers Nella Rose, Adeola Patronne and Annie Drea dish the last blows

Having felt traumatised by their African aunties over their life’ existence, YouTubers, Nella Rose, Annie Drea and Adeola Patronne took to YouTube to have the last laugh on those aunties.

Nella Rose, Annie Drea and Adeola Patronne dish aunties who have traumatised them their own medicines. Source: Youtube/AnnieDrea

“I don’t like it when they feel like they can critique your life when their son is in jail”.

And “I am not a big fan of pushing marriage on me when yours did not work out” were one of the words spoken by the social media influencers.

The ladies, all vexed up, dish African aunties food for thought in a reflection of how they have tried to be ‘advised’ by them when their own life was not as shaped up.

29 year old Annie Drea reflected one on how at 14 years old, her breasts were maturing and an aunt said, “You need to cover your breast, you need to cover your bum, cus men are going to look like this”, instead for her to talk to the grown men that were looking.

The popular video was positively received by many fans as an overdue video with urge to do a similar one against African uncles.

It would seem the video reflects the lives of many youngsters who have grown up in an household traumatised by African aunties’ choices of words, as reflected in the video’s comments.

Watch video below.

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