Lawsuits served via twitter as female doctor, Bola accuses fellow popular one doctor, Dr Funmi of rape in the UK

A doctor by the name of Bola Aseyan has accused her fellow, a popular Twitter doctor, Dr Olufunmilayo of rape.

Bola arrived into the UK just before the lockdown for a short visit, staying at Dr Funmi’s residence who lives permanently in the country. She moved out following the allegations and filed an official claim with the UK Leeds police.

Dr Funmi denies these allegations, claiming that they had consensual sex on two occasions while Bola stayed with him. As at the time of these events, alcohol was involved.

Funmi has filed a rebuttal and a defamatory lawsuit against Bola’s claims. The two doctors have gone back and forth on twitter with strings of “evidences” to back their claims.

Dr Funmi claims(left) he was in a relationship with Bola in the defamatory lawsuit filed against the accuser. While Bola claims(right) others have experienced same situation with the accused
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