“Has he placed on the Nigerian or British Charts”: Naira Marley is rejected by Wikipedia

The guys at Wikipedia have concluded Naira Marley is not entitled to a Wiki and officially deleted his page.

Naira Marley deleted from Wikipedia after conclusion he had not earned such rights

While he still features under other artists whom he has worked with, Wiki moderators questioned why Naira aka Azeez Fashola deserved his own page on the prominent site.

Arguments were put forward as to why the page should or should not be deleted. One statement said: “Fail to see how this musician is notable, almost all the sources are primary or are mainly about his controversy…”

Another said; “Has he placed on the Nigerian or British music charts?”, “He’s never been anywhere near charting in the UK, and we’re not sure if there is an official Nigerian chart”

Following further discussions, the conclusion was that while there are multiple sources, they all lead to one same story – his arrest – hence the 24 year old’s wiki page was closed.

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Naira has never been far away from controversy. His highly publicised arrest by Nigeria’s EFCC after releasing the song “Am I a Yahoo Boy” garnered huge public interest which in turn gained him a massive following.

As at now, Naira currently boasts 1.4 million Instagram followers, 75k twitter followers and 130k YouTube subscribers.

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