Viral video of man filming his own death while making a “quicksand” escape video: Did he really die?

The video of a man jumping into a quicksand supposedly filming an ‘how to escape’ video has gone viral.

The video – somewhat disturbing – shows the man gradually sinking into the quicksand, never coming back up and presumed dead as the clip ends abruptly.

Rumour is that he died, since no follow up video have been uploaded. But did he really die?…Or is he alive?

Lets burst the bubble…


‘Your man’ is alive. One thing – he would rather not be famous for his fetish, his parents – whom he lives with – have no idea about it.

The waterproof camera used to film the popular Fetish video. BUY here

I now have a new waterproof digital camera. That means that I am now back in business in terms of taking videos of me sinking! 😀 I created an obscure YouTube account, and have begun uploading videos to it, set as Unlisted so it doesn’t show up anywhere…

…unfortunately, I live and help out on my parents’ farm, who don’t know what I am into, and only know that I enjoy going cycling and hiking in the back country…

The viral video was first filmed 10 years ago, and ‘your man’ resurfaced in 2010 with more videos. He is active and popular on a quicksand fetish site where he keeps fanatics updated on his quests, signposting them to his private YouTube videos.

Quicksand porn or fetish is enjoyed by an unknown number of people who get aroused watching someone sink, with sticky, gooey and noisy (filthy) mud around them.

On ‘your man’s page in the fetish site, fans continually request sexually orientated video to which hs produced this

What is Quicksand

loose wet sand that yields easily to pressure and sucks in anything resting on or falling into it.Wikipedia

How to escape quicksand

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4 thoughts on “Viral video of man filming his own death while making a “quicksand” escape video: Did he really die?

  1. I thought it was peculiar how the video stopped within seconds of him supposedly drowning and I actually laughed when the bubbles came up because he was probably only up to his knees in any kind of mud during the entire adventure and did a really good act but I didn’t buy it for a second, now if he had shown the video for another 30 or 40 seconds or a few minutes afterwards… because didn’t this video keep recording after his death but not the way he edited it.

    1. Well, it may be how he edited it beecause he is well and truly alive. He still does videos on other specialist sites similar to this one, just no longer to the general public. Sorry it took this long to reply 🙂

  2. 1. Reason the video ends abruptly – Because someone found a mounted camera , and discovered what it captured, where it was subsequently chopped down. There would simply be no purpose in showing even a minute longer of footage.

    2. To those laughing at the “bubbles” – You apparently have no realistic knowledge of what it is like to suffocate , whether drowning, smoke or gas inhalation, or being choked out by someone.

    Take a deep breath right now and hold it. watch the clock and see how long you can hold it. Just when you are about to give up, try to hang onto it a little longer…. you will eventually blast it out. …Your lungs wore out. You will also immediately start heaving.

    Its like trying to kill yourself by smothering yourself face down on a pillow. You can’t do it.

    This is why they tell inmates to “breathe deep” instead of trying to fight it in the gas chamber. Because there is no chance of coming out of it alive anyway. Makes it easier on themselves.

    3. Why he didn’t show any “frantic motion” at the end – He is totally submerged. The physics of being buried incapacitates your ability to move. Plus, as stated in #2, he had already worn himself out. Also, frantic motion would guarantee death much faster.

    So, even if it is staged…He actually did a pretty accurately good job on his acting.

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