Snooze at work (every) day: Uncle Mugabe doing what he does best

He has ruled since 1980, for 37 years with strong hand, but Robert Mugabe has set himself up to be best remembered for his snooze fest at important events including this one.

93 year old president Mugabe takes a nap at his own political tour

The 93 year old Zimbabwean president who has said he will never quit the post was at his 5th leg tour of the nationwide Presidential Youth Interface Rallies in his home province of Mashonaland West.

These tours are in preparations for the emerging Zimbabwe elections in 2018, where is hoping to scoop the presidential title once again, and potentially run the country until he is almost a 100.

On the tour, his feisty wife, Grace, 52, spent most of time guarding him so he did not fall while they greeted fans, and defended him against party members as he slept on the chair. The proof is below.

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