Nigerians can play UK’s Lotto and Euromillions from Nigeria for up to ₦10 million

Western Lotto Nigeria, have taken European lotteries to Nigeria with the help of a UK technical company.

Nigerians play UK Lotto and EuroMillions with European counterparts for a win of up to 10 million naira

Individuals based in Nigeria are able to play Lotto and Euromillions side by side with their Europeans counterparts for a potential winning of up to ₦10 million.

In the UK, people pay £2 per bet (approximately ₦950) for 6 lotto numbers and £2.50 for 7 Euromillion numbers for the chance to be a millionaire on Wednesdays/Saturdays and Tuesdays/Friday. Nigerians play with exactly the same rules, same outcome according to the UK’s and European but costing as low as ₦200.

The games plus Europe’s Euro Jackpot and US’s Megamillion and Powerball were introduced in Nigeria from 10th July and are available to play online.

The Managing Director, Mr. Elvis Krovokuca, said: “Western Lotto seeks through its products to create employment opportunities, wealth and empowerment for people in Nigeria and across Africa.”

He added, “Our mandate at Western Lotto is to bring both fun and hope to the people who choose to play our games. For a few Nairas, we deliver excitement and the possibility to change the story of your life radically.”




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