“They’ll start folding up one by one”: The right message to send to fans, Nathaniel Bassey?

Olowogbogboro and #hallelujahchallenge champion, Nathaniel Bassey got all wound up following an heavily reported story that he was involved in a car accident.

As posted by Nathaniel Bassey on Twitter

After revealing the story was in fact someone else’s testimony, the gospel figure who performed some of his now ended challenges in London followed suit with another comment: ‘they’ll start to fold up one by one’, to which his fans have unanimously been solidifying with an Amen.

Nathaniel’s comment has gone under the radar, despite it not coming across ‘Godly’ and his fan responding as a sign of idolisation.

Numerous bloggers posted false information on Nathan Bassey have mistaking someone’s else testimony for his


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