Power’s Dre is full-blooded Nigerian

22 days to the 4th installment of Powers, when we get to see the handsome mixed-race looking boy standing next to the equally beauitful Omari Hardwick starring as Ghost.

But the mixed race looking boy, Dre – real name Rotimi – turns out to be a full blooded Nigerian with a Yoruba daddy and an Igbo mummy. His full name is Olurotimi Akinosho with Olurotimi meaning God is with me.

The actor, 27, who stars as 50 cent and Ghost’s protege in the series is also a musician signed on to Fiddy’s G-unit label.

Check out Naija fans’ comments on Rotimi’s baby picture in Nigeria – we no dey carry last, we sabi hail o. Whoop Whoop!

Rotimi is a full blooded Nigerian with Yoruba daddy and Igbo mummy (right picture)

When you pooted and you surprise yourself?? #TBT in Nigeria ??

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A post shared by Rotimi (@rotimimusic) on

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