Saraya Paul among Chibok girls not wanting to return to “their old lives”

According to a mediator – Zainab Mustapha, 83 Chibok girls were supposed to be released by Boko Haram on Saturday May 6th, instead of only the 82 eventually freed.

The proposed 83rd – Saraya Paul – chose not to leave as she had built vested interest – a husband, and this instance happens to be the second time.

The first opportunity was during the release of the 21 girls back in October 2016, where she initially refused, and it turns out that she is not the only one to have rejected return.

Other girls chose not to primarily because of fears they were either radicalised, ashamed, scared or too powerful to return to their old lives.

At least 113 girls remain with the terrorist group, with negotiations thought to start shortly.

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