Hmm this protest is heating up: Teams #Istandwithbuhari and #Istandwith2baba to rally on same day

#Istandwithnigeria gradually changed to #Istandwith2baba since Tuface started fronting the campaign.

Their popularity has woken Team Buhari up, whom are now planning their own protests on 5th & 6th of February supposedly side by side with Team 2face.

The handle #Istandwithbuhari has its own instagram page and has drawn in so many support with its own t-shirts


Nollywood upcoming actor supports Team Buhari, threatening citizens with job losses…

…and Stella Damascus has come out in support of no protest because she does not know what the protest is for as P.A of Buhari questioned

In team 2baba’s corner, Professor Akindele has publicly apologised for his earlier message about 2face…

…And Terry G comes out in support.


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