3,000+ posts for your challenge: #Wehdonesir wehdone sir Falz-the-bad-guy

The dust is only just settling for Basketmouth’s laughter challenge but there is a new trend in town people created by our one and only Mr fine boi – Falz-the-Guy.

The trend is so popular with 1000s of people posting hilarious jokes/insults using the ‘wehdonesir’ hashtag and tagging the award winning Soft Work artist/comedian.

You too can join in on the challenge by either taking a picture with the pose (above) or doing a funny/comical video and tag #wehdonesir and @falzthebadguy

The original challenge by Falz

Pretty Mike is the butt of one lady’s joke

An Edo babe humiliates the man that has not washed his payint

The challenge was done to promote his latest video

A schoolboy decided what he will tell his teacher

The guys mock a politician’s son

Check out @falzthebahdguy to watch more and be entertained

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