“Who Will You Take Sides With, Me Or My Wife?” A Nairaland user’s story

“My mum’s retirement party was yesterday. So me, my wife, and our three months old daughter had to travel down home to celebrate with her. Me and my siblings are all graduates except for the last born,as expected we’ve all left home to chase our different dreams in different lands.

So occasions like this now feels like family reunion IYKWIM. May I add that I’m the first born and the only married one out of her five children? So the occasion was the first one with the nuclear family finally getting extended.

To the real issue; It was time to take pictures.Several shots with various categories of people had been taken. So a picture of mum with her children was called. My siblings were already set.

I was called on to join in. Soon as I joined, my wife, seeing another picture was about to be taken hurried along to join, and she was told by one of my siblings that it’s a children alone with mum picture. I signalled to her to let us take the picture, but she refused.

Immediately asking what I meant by that,she jokingly insisted she must join in the shot as she is now a child too. Others pleaded to let us take the shot first as we had taken several other shots earlier on.

She insisted, and the picture was taken with her. No issues about it as it was just a picture, and we were in a merry mood.

Afterwards on our way back home, my wife started giving me some attitude. She had taken offense that I agreed to take the picture without her. I tried to make her see that such pictures could be good for memoirs.

I cited an instance of dead elderly people’s burial programme booklets, where such pictures could be labelled “mum with her children” during retirement party.

She never saw reasons still. She had to seek her mum’s opinion about it, and her mum opined that she was right. That’s what got me confused.

Was I really wrong, or were they just being African? What’s your stance on this?”

Source: Nairaland

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