Let’s all hail the king: Emere Okpabi takes Shell to court in London for oil spills in Nigeria

One man – King Emere Godwin Bebe Okpabi, leader of Nigeria’s Ogale people – stood on behalf of Deltans and 40,000 people.

King Emere Godwin Bebe Okpabi, leader of Nigeria’s Ogale people (©Adrian Dennis (AFP))
The king and his lawyers are suing Shell for the oil spills polluting Deltan communities which has been creating strange diseases including skin disease, sudden deaths, impotency and more.

They decided to sue Shell in London since it was their homebase, but the greedy company who are aware and probably part of corruption in Nigeria argues the case should be thrown out and heard in Nigeria.

How will that go down, successful?

The case is still on-going but this is not the first lawsuit brought against the giant:

  • In January 2015, Shell agreed to pay more than $80 million to the Nigerian fishing community of Bodo for two oil spills in 2008, following a case brought by Leigh Day in London.
  • In December 2015, a Dutch court permitted four Nigerian farmers and fishermen to sue the company for environmental pollution, potentially opening the door to other cases to be brought in the Netherlands.

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