Leave Trump alone, Mr Adebayo Ogunlesi is a member of his council

Brother John McCain (pictured) is cheer leading for oyinbo style coup on Trump following allegations Russia interfered in US presidential campaign.

The feeling may be mutual since John has not gotten a call to seat at the front table, so can we just get on and allow this guy into office?

Abeg o, I be back cheerleader because we don’t know what he can do yet,  but at least e don put billionaire Mr Adebayo Ogunlesi as one of his eonomic advisory council ?? – Sir you are welcome.

62 year old daddy Ogunlesi is the chairman of Global Infrastructure Partners and owner of Gatwick airport.

Check out Mr Ogulesi’s work destined for success CV here.

The 62 year old moved to UK to study at the top University, Oxford, before moving to the US. He is married to British-born Dr Amelia Quist and they have two children.

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