The bailiff almost got my car…

I put up a YouTube video about my run in with the Bailiff and the council sometime ago, but I have just been a little shy/nervous 😑 to put it on here.

But here it goes….

The purpose of it is that, I hear and see clamps on people’s cars, some maybe deserve it and others don’t (as in my case).

I was taking my children to school when we saw a clamp on my car. Upon speaking to the Bailiff, he said I had a penalty fine owed to the council from 9 months back and had not been paid. When he then said £512 to get the clamp off, I concluded the car can be taken because:

  1. I had no such money,
  2. The car na by manage, not worth up to £500 and still needed work and,
  3. I was not aware that of this fine and felt blindsided

Even the bailiff reduced the money twice (£400 to £300) because the car was not worth taking away as they would not get enough money from it.

Anyhow, long story short – after nearly giving up, the clamp was removed pending investigation (still waiting to hear from them). I was surprised because I had mentally prepared for running for the bus with two children, so I am grateful and thank God.

If it helps just one person is a long way. I have also shown steps on how to complete the forms to get you closer to clamp-free car without paying a dime to the bailiff 👾💃🙆.

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