I want the McClure twins…they are half Nigerians you know!

How can I get my hands on these cuties…

Its official, fasting and prayer it is, for God to give me my own oooo…Amen ooo.

Click on their names (on the image above) to access their Instagram page

You might have een them come up on your Instagram feed, maybe the video where the twins were discovering who is older.

These two are characters, but when I saw “People say our family is interracial – we say we’re happy” on another Instagram feed, my eyes were more curious to know who these parents are.

Their hot mama Aminat, is Yoruba, born and bred in Nigeria. She grew up as a Muslim but have adopted the Atheist (no belief in God/gods) lifestyle with her husband, Justin Mcclure.

A photo posted by Ami (@just_aminat) on

A photo posted by Ami (@just_aminat) on

Justin who is of White Irish descent said he met Aminat in an attempt to save her from a guy chiking her, he pretended he knew her and the rest is history…

Look who are big sisters! McClure twins welcome a baby brother

He is a photographer – credited with Aminat and the twins beautiful pictures. They class themselves as Humanists and know how to speak Spanish.

A photo posted by Ami (@just_aminat) on

A photo posted by Ami (@just_aminat) on

Source: Featured Multiracial Family: Meet The McClure Family

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