Pidgin english, Igbo and Yoruba to be introduced by the BBC in 2017

The BBC will add Pidgin English, Igbo and Yoruba as part of the 11 new languages to be introduced to their World Service programmes in 2017.

Click link below image ⬇⬇ to watch the introductory video.


BBC is already accessible in Hausa

Read: A Pidgin announcement from the BBC

Some interesting facts about Pidgin. Did you know:

➡ Pidgin aka “Broken” English has ‘no official national status’ but is the recognised common language in Nigeria – the only other language (aside from English) people of different ethnic groups converse in

➡ The language was used as form of communication between indigenes and Whites during colonisation and slavery in Nigeria

➡ Words like sabi (know how to) and pikin (child) come from Portuguese’s saber (to know) and pequeno (small) which came about when their ships bought and sold slaves from our city ?❤? – the Bight of Benin

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