Current Playlist #3: Where was I when Ice Prince released this tune with Sakordie? See the video and comments

Probably caught up in pampers and bah bah black sheep.

iceprinceIce Prince’s Shots on Shots featuring Sarkodie
Anyhow, despite my age and being a mummy, rap never left me and only just discovered #shotsonshots.

The beat got me and as I am easily inspired by words, Ice Prince’s “shebi dem go recite the hook…mark my words and then look..”

At first listen, Sakordie finished this song with THAT rap, but the more you listened, the more Ice prince’s rap flowed and they compliment each other well.

Not a fan of every second line involving swear words but it still did not ruin the song and Sakordie’s “…you need a good massage with some baby oil?” o behave Sak, you cheeky ??.

Surprised the track the track only has 600,000+ views, nowhere near the 1 million mark yet, but some of the comments below the music…




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