How do you like your man’s D? What do you like most in a woman’s body? What’s you favourite sex position? Watch PULSENG ask the people of Nigeria their preferences

ON what do you like most about a woman’s body?

“…I go con hold am like this, if i wan do am, the hand like this, I go carry am up, con make am, be like tyre…con dey…na him go dey hook am well well, that wan go dey hammer am, e go dey sweet me, dey sweet am”

“…that’s why I say if I see woman, I would like to let him put hand for ground and lift the back up for me…”

ON how do you like you man’s D?

“…You see any woman wey don like small thing before, na big one now (laughs)”

“Moderate size, not small not big…so some can enjoy, if it is big it will be painful, but if it is small the lady cannot enjoy it…if it is in a moderate size, you have to enjoy it…”

ON what is your favourite sex position?

“…bend down and select and bum bum mutu”

“we dey forbid am, my father na pastor, so my mother na, e get post for cele church…”

???Seeing is believing…Do you agree?

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