UK time is going back an hour tonight at 2am, here is why it changes twice a year

On Sunday (October 30th) morning at 2am, the UK’s time will go back one hour from British Summer Time (BST) to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) – meaning we get to enjoy 1 extra hour of sleep.


If you wake up around 6.30-7am so that at 2am you would have about 4-5 hours left of sleep, then the time change will give you 5-6 hours.

Why it changes twice a year

Places like Nigeria and many other countries close to the equator do not change times because they have roughly the amount of daylight and night-time 12 hour clock throughout the year.


The UK and about 69 other countries that lie further away from the equator experience longer daylight hours in the summer, whereas in the winter, by around 5pm everywhere is dark.

To benefit from the long summer daylight, the clock shifts forward allowing for some parts of the evenings to be brighter.

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