How to add multiple photos/videos in Instagram

Instagram now gives the opportunity to show a bigger picture of stories we want to share with the world – in up to 10 images or videos.

Below are the steps to join in on the fun.

Step 1 – In your Instagram home page, select the + sign

Step 2 – Tap the ‘SELECT MULTIPLE’ sign

Step – Choose all your images/videos (up to 10)
Advisable to start stories in chronological order but there are 2 ways to change the order if you wish:
1). Deselect from last numbered image/video, or

2) See step 3 (the easier way)

Step 3 – Filter (optional) each clip as you like
Scroll left to right to the image you want –> tap to filter/edit –> click ‘Done’ once finished. Tap the arrow if you wish to go back and change pictures or to re-order, tap and hold desired clip –> move to preferred order or bin it –> when happy with selection, click ‘Next’

Step 4 – You are ready to go!
Tag, add location and write caption as usual (optional) –> click ‘Share’

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